Hey followers!

Hey guys! Hope all your summers have gone well! I can say mine was pretty great! First off thank you to all my followers, love-and-softball currently has 835 followers!! When I started this I did not expect it to be this popular. Next I wish you all luck in school, whether it’s college, high school, middle school, or whatever! I start my first year of college next Monday, but I leave tomorrow. I’m unable to say how much I will be able to post, so please bare with me on that. Softball for me starts one week after classes start and I’ll have two practices a day! I will be very busy. I’ll try my best though! Thanks again you guys are awesome!(:

Hey guys!

Hello followers! Sorry I haven’t posted in a little while. Its been crazy around here, from tournaments every weekend, to all the injuries that are plaguing our team, and training for college ball while trying to do a million other things. Today we got back from our fourth tournament and we have only two left. We have had a ton of injuries and have been recruiting people as we need to, which is tough. Before this weekend started we recruited two people, then one tore her acl, so we got two more so we had ten people. And we went back to nine when almost half way through our first game another one of our recruits took a ball to the face in the outfield. And that’s only a bit of what our team has been dealing with! Promise to post more soon! Hope everyone is having a fantastic summer and playing lots of softball!!(: